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What if you had the opportunity to buy your luxury dream home in The Bahamas for a fraction of the cost?
At Fractional Ownership Bahamas that dream is a reality. Enjoy relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing time with family or friends creating memories in the islands of The Bahamas. Hassle free ownership is made easy through our property management program and administrative team. Stop dreaming and start living, your dream home awaits.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership is a unique opportunity to own your dream vacation home in The Bahamas for a fraction of the total cost.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are the best way to vacation and enjoy all the amenities of home at your beach destination.

Property Management

Fractional Ownership Bahamas offers property management services so you can rest assure your property will always remain in perfect condition.

Hassle-Free Travel

The Bahamas international Airport (nas) offers direct flights world wide combined with transportation and concierge services offered by Fractional Ownership Bahamas, you can travel with ease.

Fractional Ownership Opportunity

Fractional Ownership Bahamas is a unique opportunity to own a luxury vacation home in The Bahamas. Under our Fractional Ownership Model commonly known as “shared ownership” buyers enjoy all the benefits of owning a multi-million dollar vacation home in The Bahamas at a fraction of the cost without any management or maintenance responsibility.

Fractional Ownership Bahamas believes in the theory “with partnerships you can afford more”. With increasing real estate prices in The Bahamas, the necessity to bring more money to purchase is more present then ever. Fractional Ownership Bahamas provides the opportunity for like-minded individuals to afford their multi-million dollar dream home in The Bahamas for a fraction of the cost.

The success of Fractional Ownership Bahamas begins with “pairing” unique multi-million dollar homes located in The Bahamas with qualified individuals who share compatible visions for ownership. Fractional Ownership Bahamas creates a comfortable, collaborative environment intended to make the buying process stress free.

"Pairing" like-minded Buyers

Fractional Ownership Bahamas holds its "pairing" strategies in high regard as we understand the importance of being a property owner. Our strategies ensure that only qualified buyers are paired so that similar values are shared when owning a home.

Making Vacations Affordable

With costs rising globally, vacation are becoming a luxury for most families. Fractional Ownership Bahamas offers a unique way to own a vacation property which can be used multiple times a year with hassle-free ownership.

Hassle-Free Ownership

Owning a property with Fractional Ownership Bahamas is made easy through our Maintenance Team. Each time you visit your vacation home it will be ready for you and your guest to enjoy!

Secure Legal Structure

When purchasing a property overseas it is imperative that you have a secure and legal transaction. This is done through our reputable Bahamian legal counsel, who will work with you each step of the purchase.

Current Fractional Ownership Opportunities

These 6 properties have been hand selected for our latest fractional ownership opportunity program. Each property demonstrates outstanding value and evokes the finest in luxury island living.

Property Management

Homeownership is made easy with Fractional Ownership Bahamas property management program. Nobody wants to visit their vacation home and be met with repairs, landscape work or any other time consuming maintenance. Let the professionals at Fractional Ownership Bahamas take care of all of the maintenance and management of your vacation home. This includes but is not limited to:

Property care & maintenance


Purchase of supplies and household items


Housekeeping, scheduling and inspections


Annual contract renewals for service providers, insurance, etc


Emergency services for inclement weather and unexpected repairs


Departure inspections for guest damages and replacement

All your treasured vacation time can be spent lounging by the pool, sharing long walks on the beach or enjoying family time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Fractional Ownership Bahamas?
A: Fractional Ownership Bahamas is a unique opportunity to own luxury homes in The Bahamas at a fraction of the original cost. Ownership opportunities are available to qualified buyers from $100,000 to $1 Million. Fractional Ownership Bahamas offers Hassle-Free and Maintenance ownership with our Administrative team taking care of all reservations and our Maintenance team ensure the properties are well maintained.
Q: How do I become a Fractional Ownership Bahamas homeowner?
A: After our initial contact, we would want to learn more about which potential properties you are interested in along with your budget, expectations and costs of ownership. Understanding this information is a very important aspect in our “Pairing” methods to ensure satisfaction in both investment and ownership. Once established, we would welcome you to visit the properties and have a first hand look at the beauty of The Bahamas and the luxury properties which you have selected. At the same time, we would have the opportunity to review our Fractional Ownership Agreement and discuss the purchase process in greater detail.
Q: How are the reservations for property use handled?
A: Factional Ownership Bahamas handles all the reservations through our administrative team. Owners will have the opportunity to reserve desired weeks throughout the year for usage. The amount of weeks will depend on the investment level made. Since most of our properties allow a maximum of 6 to 8 qualified owners, the likelihood of multiple owners wanting to use the same week is very rare.
Q: How do Fractional Ownership Bahamas owners typically use their residence?
A: Most Fractional Ownership buyers typically use their residence 2-3 times per year for an average of 7 nights. Owners have the ability to reserve as little as 1 night or as many as available, subject to other reservations and fraction owned. Owners can also gift usage to Family, Friends, Employees, Clients or Charities as desired.
Q: How much does it cost to become a fractional owner?
A: Fractional Ownership Bahamas offers ownership opportunities from $100,000 to $1 Million dollars. Generally any family with a budget of $250,000 can qualify for ownership. Annual expenses may vary depending on property, percentage of ownership and any financing request at purchase.
Q: Is financing available with Fractional Ownership Bahamas?
A: For qualified buyers, finance is available. Qualifications may very depending on the desired property.
Q: What is the legal structure for ownership with Fractional Ownership Bahamas?
A: Fractional Ownership Bahamas has an experienced legal counsel who understands the importance of secure and legal structure for fractional ownership. Each owner will be secured and protected under individual ownership agreements to ensure satisfaction.
Q: Will I be able to sell my fractional ownership interest?
A: At any time you are able to sell your fractional ownership interest. Feel free to contact us so we may assist you in locating a buyer.
Q: How does Fractional Ownership Bahamas differ from a Timeshare?
A: Fractional Ownership Bahamas is FAR superior to a traditional Timeshare program. Fractional Ownership Bahamas offers the opportunity to own equity in real luxury properties in The Bahamas which can be used, rented or sold as an investment as apposed to Timeshare programs which offer NO equity and are nearly always booked due to the hundreds of owners in the Timeshare program. Another large difference is the properties that Fractional Ownership Bahamas offers. Traditional Timeshare programs offer a one bedroom hotel or condo to up to 52 owners, unlike Fractional Ownership Bahamas where you can be a real owner of a stand alone 3,000 sq.ft beachfront home with a maximum of 6 to 8 owners.

The time is now and the place is here!

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What our clients say

Fractional Ownership Bahamas offers the best in fractional ownership opportunities in The Bahamas.
Our clients are very important to us and that speaks to our outstanding reputation.

My family and I visited The Bahamas back in 2010 and we loved it! We made the decision to purchase a vacation home through Fractional Ownership Bahamas and we couldn't be happier. We get to use our property for 5 weeks out of the year and we don’t have to worry about any upkeep. Thanks Fractional Ownership Bahamas!

David Kung

My husband and I are both retired and love to travel. We have properties throughout the world and recently purchased in The Bahamas through Fractional Ownership Bahamas. The process was stress-free and the team was very informative and accommodating. We can add The Bahamas to our list of destinations which we travel throughout the year.

Sarah Flington

Fractional Ownership was the perfect route for me as I wanted all the perks of owning a luxury property in the caribbean without any of the headache of maintenance. Fractional Ownership Bahamas makes it so easy and I would highly recommend to anyone with any budget.

Henry Lewis

Buying a property in The Bahamas has never been so affordable. I had been looking for my dream vacation home for some before I came cross Fractional Ownership Bahamas, where I was able to purchase my first vacation home for only $100,000.

Jackey Davidson

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